ICT (information and communications technology - or technologies) is a term that includes all the technology, communication devices or applications encompassing.

British Integrated Group of Co. implements the game-changing solutions for your business, allowing you to deliver high-quality services consistently and cost-effectively. We are a global vendor offering Data Center, Cloud and IT Managed Services. Our solutions guarantee secure and prompt communication with all business partners regardless of a company's size and IT maturity. We have been working closely with our customers for almost 10 years now.

British Integrated Group of Co. were created to answer the growing demand for comprehensive IT management solutions. Years of experience, knowledge and our own IT infrastructure enable us to provide you the highest quality of ICT services. Our top priority is the customer satisfaction and trust we receive from our clients every day.

Our Solutions

Masterclock / Master Alarm
Asset Tracking & Radio Frequency ID
Nurse Call
Radio Communication
Storage Solutions
Network Operating Centers
Data Center
IT Security